Radhanath Swami in a 24 Hour Kirtan Festival ’08

Published on Apr 11, 2011 by RNS Video

Radhanath Swami singing during a 24 hour Hare Krishna Kirtan Festival in 2008.

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  • sajeev

    One has to either clap, or swing, or keep your eyes shut and listen, or hum like a bee or sing or do everything of all these while hearing this…….

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  • Sumit Sharma

    Amazing kirtan by Radhanath Swami.

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  • Manish

    [showRating value=’5′]Harinaam sankirtan ki jai !!!!!

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  • [showRating value=’5′]Very Enthusiastic & Ecstatic Kirtan By H.H.Radhanath Swami Maharaj. I’m Loving It.

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  • Swapnil Gaonkar

    wonderful kirtan by Radhanath Swami

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  • Anagha warade

    Hari BOl!
    Thank you for sharing.

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    ecstatic kirtan

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  • Jagannath Dham Das

    A very absorbing and enchanting kirtan by Radhanath Swami Maharaj !

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  • Sumeet Singh

    Great Kirtan from HH Radhanath Swamiji Maharaj – fills one with spiritual bliss.

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  • Deepika

    Great kirtan by maharaj

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  • CS Sandeep S. Shinde

    Very nice video. Thank you very much.

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